Monday, November 2, 2009

What Works for 1 Person May NOT Work for Another

Word of advice....when you try a product and your hair tells you "No...I don't like this mess" do not try it again more than one additional time!! I knew that Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme was not for me after two separate applications, but my dumb butt decided to give it one more try...after all Miss Jessie's ain't cheap!!
I twisted my hair applying the Miss Jessie's to each section of hair before I twisted for some much needed moisture during these cooler months. My hair told me no the first and second time I used the products and this time it SCREAMED it. For 2 weeks I gave my hair exactly what it did not want and I paid the price. Upon washing and detangling this week, I had more shed hair than usual and my tresses felt like crap. Miss Jessie's has mineral oil in it, and my hair hates mineral no matter how low it is on the ingredients list.
The plan now is to baby my hair until the end of the month, with weekly deep conditioning, and co-washing as needed during the week. I will also moisturize and twist it each night before bed. Over Thanksgiving I will pay a visit to my braider and get a protective style for a few weeks.
I'm not knocking Miss Jessie's products, they just happen not to be a favorite of mine and my particular hair...but listen to your hair people and discontinue use of products that your hair rebels against no matter how much they cost!

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