Friday, March 27, 2009

Nappy Words of Wisdom

Here are some Nappy Words of Wisdom that I received today from a friend. Portions bolded for emphasis..LOL

“Oh get over it and the shrinkage and all that. You'll be happier because you actually will have a "style". As well you do your hair more damage with the in between stuff. I thought about the grow out but then I remembered that I'm not as patient as I aspire to be AND I like to look coiffed:-). You will love your hair. Cut off the crap and get at it girl! Stop worrying about length. I was bald! Now I have a curly little fro. It’s damn sexy. Chat soon. Be phenomenally fierce and do your thing!”

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Chop Countdown

Got the new corn rows in. I will likely end up getting one more set of corn rows before i big chop...basically 10 more weeks of rocking braids before I unleash my

The big chop countdown is offically on!

Taking Down Corn Rows

So I took my corn rows out after having them in for 5 weeks. It was much easier to detangle than last time. I was shocked at how long my hair has gotten when stretched, but that really doesnt matter since I will be cutting down to the new growth sometime in May.

I can already tell what part of my hair will likely be more course. The back of my head detangles easy as pie, as well as the side and the front third, while the top of my head and the crown required some patience on my

Anyway, check out some pics of my afro after I took my braids down.