Friday, November 20, 2009

It's About Time to Protect the Fro

Think it's time to give my fro a rest. I will be getting cornrows over the thanksgiving holiday...a style that will last me until Christmas. The goal is to keep my hair in a protectives style until the first of the year...wear it out for a week or two and then braid it back up. It's cold as hell in Minnesota and I would just rather not have to deal with what seems like a loosing battle of moisture in the weather to come.

I use the same braider all the time and she takes great care not to braid to tightly, especially at the edges. Trust me ladies, when brads are put in to tight they will wreak havoc on your edges and you will be highly pissed!

I go with simple styles like this cuz I hate taking down braids..LMAO


Milk and Honey Mommy said...

How are you planning to moisturize your hair while braided? I just moved to a really cold climate and am wondering how my hair (or me) is going to survive.

tnt5150 said...

@ Milk and Honey Mommy
I use Razac's Perfect For Perms hair's a spray that works GREAT. It claims to be good for weaves, twist, braid, perms and naturals. My Senegaleese braider introduced me to it a few years ago and I use it anytime I rock a braided style. I've seen it at some Target stores in my area, but you can certaily buy it online if you cant find it local. Good Luck!!