Monday, November 23, 2009

Go Jeri Go Curl..the Wonders of Curl Activator!

Ok y'all don't laugh at me, but I love me some "curl activator" LMAO!! When I first did the big chop I saw lots of people saying how jeri curl activator helps to moisturize their natural hair, so I bought a jar of Long Aid Curl Activator Gel with Aloe Vera for extra dry hair. I used it this summer and was like...YUCK!! I totally hated it, it made my hair feel slimy, so I tossed it under the sink with plans to just trash it at a later date.

The past few weeks my fro has been hard and dry...that dreaded Brillo pad feel many naturals talk about. I figured that the cooler temps are zapping my hair of its much needed moisture. Low and behold, I'm cleaning out the bathroom cabinet and see the curl activator and decided to give it another try. When I tell you my hair drank that activator right up and sticky slimy feeling and no residue, and the one application left me moisturized for a few days. When I felt I need more moisture I simply rubbed a bit of the activator in my hand and smoothed it through my hair and presto my hair's thirst was quenched!!

My conclusion is that applying curl activator to my hair in the summer was just to much. It gets very hot and humid in Minnesota (most people don't realize that) and there was no need to use curl activator because of the humidity already in the air and my already adequately moisturized hair. By adding the activator it was just overload and sat on my hair like a slimy mess.

So for those of you struggling with keeping your hair moisturized this winter give regular old curl activator a try...the first ingredient is water and the second is glycerin, so your hair will thank you for it. I use a quarter sized amount and it work great!

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Milk and Honey Mommy said...

Very funny. Before reading your post, I decided to hunt through my cabinets and look for the curl activator I too bought earlier this year, decided I didn't like, and rather than throwing it away (it's so hard to do because I know I'd be buying more again), tucked it in the back somewhere. I still haven't found mine and may have to go out and buy some more.