Sunday, September 13, 2009

To Dye or Not to Dye

I need to color my hair..notice the use of the word "need." Now that I have gone natural, my gray hair is more noticeable. It's not that I have very much at all, but I'm gonna go ahead and be honest and say that I am
Next week I will try doing my henna treatment followed up by an indigo treatment and see how well that colors the gray..more importantly how long it stays colored. In the meantime I will be doing some research into hair coloring options. I'm thinking that a rinse would be best as it would not damage my hair, but I don't want to deal with black shit dripping from my hair when i run...just keeping it real.
If you have any hair coloring / dying tips or advice feel free to share!


Milk and Honey Mommy said...

I'm looking forward to your results. I too am "needing" some color because the white stuff just started popping out of my head like popcorn. The need is more mine than anyone else's and the fact I would like to stay away from chemicals as well as fear getting back into a required hair altering routine are holding me back from taking that journey. Natural has been nice.

Laquita said...

I'm also looking forward to your results :o)

That Pretty Girl Shena said...

Funny, I just colored my hair 2 days ago. I'm always coloring my hair. Don't know why but I have this fascination with changing my look all the time. Anyway, the only thing I can recommend is to make sure you do a really good deep treatment a few days prior to coloring. This will help alot. I like to do a hot oil treatment with either EVOO or Coconut oil. Hope this helps.

By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog! I may do one on hair coloring.