Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hair Gel

I've been natural now for 3 months and to date I have never put "gel" in my hair and god only knows what possessed me to do so today. I as watching someones video on YouTube and she was laying down her edges with gel and my stupid butt thought "I should try that." No boo boo...don't try I have never liked how gel felt to the touch and I certainly didn't like it this time either. Once I started applying it, I immediately felt like i was putting ish/gunk in my hair that didn't need to be.
Granted gel may come in handy some day, especially as my hair gets longer but there is no need for me to have that mess in my hair now. For all y'all that love gel I'm not knocking's just not for me at this stage of the game.

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Laquita said...

Lol - I actually use gel on my twists when it is super humid out. I use Lock and Twist Gel by Organic Root Stimulator - I have been meaning to search for a more natural gel (that one has a few parabens in it) but since I don't use it that often my one jar has lasted forever and I haven't gotten around to searching for one yet.