Friday, April 22, 2011

Swimming and Natural Hair

So this twist out is the result of the two strand twist in the post below. I rocked the two strand twist in various styles for a week, which included going swimming twice this week. each time I went swimming I rinsed my hair out with a mixture of olive oil and VO5's Kiwi clarifying conditioner. On Thursday I unraveled the twist and this is what I got...not bad and my hair felt nice and moisturised.
Notice how my ends arent frizzy...I'm really happy with the results.


mujustice2003 said...

I am thinking about starting a exercise regimen that includes swimming 2-3x a week. I would like to know in detail how you prepare your rinse. Do you prepare it before or after swimming? Do you pour the mixture over you hair or do you actually rub it in?

tnt5150 said...

Hi Mujustice2003. Before I hit the pool I lightly slather on a rinse out conditioner or some folks call it a conditioner rinse.
I put on my swimming cap and jump in. After im done, I add VO5 clarifying conditiner and olive oil to a spray bottle and lightly mist my entire head with that mixture and rinse my hair.
On the days that i go swimming my hair is usually in two-strand twist. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.