Monday, March 7, 2011

To Tango With the Tangle Teezer??

Do I dare jump on the bandwagon of the newest craze amongst the natural hair community?!?!? Never mind I told myself that I am on product ban for 2011, but do I take the plunge and tango with the infamous tangle teezer???

Do I already have tools to detangle my hair? YES
Am I on a no buy in 2011 ban that includes anything NOT need? YES
Do I need a tangle teezer? NO
DO I have unusual "problems" with my current detangling method? NO

If I look at all of the question I have just asked and answered for myself the answer would be...NOOOOOOOOO I do no need a tangle teezer! It is product junkie lust that has me clamouring to get my hands on one of these babies. Truth be told most of the reviews on the tangle teezer are fabulous but the bad reviews seem to suggest that the tool may result in splits ends for some that use it. For now I'm sticking to my guns and not buying the tool for myself, plus the risk of shredding my ends is not one I'm willing to risk, when I can stick with the trusty shred proof tools I have in my shower.

But I must say, they have introduced a tangle teezer just for the little ones and it is CUTE, its got my daughters name written all over it. Check this out. Her birthday is coming up and I may get one for her. She has 3a hair type so the shredding of ends that could occur on my 4a/b hair is not very likely, and who knows I could always give her tangle teezer a try if I'm still jonesing to give it a twirl.

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