Thursday, April 22, 2010

Denman Brush...Friend or Foe??

The Denman Brush...naturals either love it or hate it. I have to admit the first time I used it I hated it. I felt like it was ripping my hair out and I'm sure it was. I don't think my hair was long enough the first time I used the Denman. In my opinion you need a certain amount of length to allow the brush to glide through and work its detangling magic.

I recently came across this video which shows you how to remove teeth from your Denman or Denman knock-off. Since I removed some of the teeth from my brush I LOVE IT!! If you aren't so sure about your Denman try using it with some of the teeth removed. I love it for detangling now. I should say that I actually only detangle with the Denman 1 or two times a month when i want to do a really thorough job and get all those little hair balls and shed hair out of my head.

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...ALLmEYEne... said...

at first I hated this brush, then I removed the teeth and thought it wasn't that bad, but then the remaining teeth were to flimsy. So now I'm using the brush as normal and I use it every wash day.