Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm in LOVE!!!

To date I have not truly fell in love with any particular products. I'm in like with a lot of products but until now I have never been in love. I've mentioned before that I live in Minneapolis and it gets cold as hell here. Cold weather wreaks havoc on anyones hair be it relaxed or natural, so finding a product that truly give my hair a moisture boost was essential. I count myself lucky to have stumbled upon Dacry's Botanicals Avocado & Honey Twisting Cream

Here is the product description:
NEW Avocado & Honey Twisting Cream

Braid & Twist Styling Cream

Our Avocado & Honey Twisting Cream is excellent for braiding, twisting and adding much needed moisture to dry, coarse curls:)

This is a very thick and concentrated cream that is highly moisturizing and softening for type 3-4 coarse hair types.

It is a very thick milky white cream and is scented with Ylang Ylang and Lemon!

Once you try it, you'll be hooked!

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