Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Carol's Daughter

Where do I start...I was recently in Atlanta and paid a visit to Lenox Mall where they have a Carol's Daughter store. Though I am not a fan of Carol's Daughter hair products for my hair, I just had to go into the store because I simply love Lisa Price and the empire that she has created. Can we just say that I loved, loved, loved my visit to the store. The staff were wonderful...all of them young people with natural hair and full of energy and enthusiasm. Though the store is small it is well laid out and let me tell you there were plenty of folks in there buying everything from hair products to bath and body products.
There was natural hair talk in the store between myself and 3 other They asked what Carol's Daughter product I used on my hair. I replied that I don't use Carol's Daughter hair products and the sales associate was open and asked what I used since my hair looked nicely moisturised which followed with one of the women asking if she could touch my hair and professing "yeah it is sooooo soft."
The store was just such a warm, friendly environment that it was enjoyable mixing and mingling with all the folks. Customer service was top notch. If you aren't a fan of Carol's Daughter hair products, I urge you to try some of her other products as this company is truly deserving of your hard earned dollars. I did not leave the store empty handed and was more than happy to drop a few bucks on some lovely scented skin butters.

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