Wednesday, July 8, 2009

That looks like a lof of hair to me???

I’ve been natural for exactly 38 days now, and so far my routine has been pretty basic, but I think I may need to change things up. Does this look like a normal amount of shedded hair after a week?

I guess I should explain a bit more. Generally I have been pre pooing, then co-washing and detangling and following up with a sulfate free shampoo. I have been doing this once a week. I do not comb my hair after the initial styling except to fluff/pick out wit my fingers each morning.
I’m thinking I may need to start doing light protein treatments and adding a co-wash in the middle of the week.

So here’s my planned routine:

-detangle with wide toothed comb
-wash with sulfate free shampoo
-use Aphogee 2 minute Keratin Reconstruction (rinse out)
-follow up with Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer (leave in 2-5 minutes & rinse)
-add a leave in conditioner

-finger detangle


empress said...

hi Lady,
i read your rountine and i am a natural myself. well to me hat looks like a lot of shed hair.i get so scared when i see even a strand on my comb. why dont you cut the shampooing for a while or minimise it drastically. i swear by this. do loads of co-washing instead. i have tried it and it works.

Alice said...

It looks like a lot of shed hair. Since you've been natural for a little over a month (congratulations!!) it's possible that your hair is still in "shock" or you're dealing with scab hair.

But, I DO think you're doing a lot at once though. If you co-wash, you don't need to shampoo or low-poo on the same day. So, try dropping the co-wash on Sunday and just low-poo.

A protein treatment (Aphogee) once a week might be protein overload and causing your hair to break. You might want to try replacing that with a once a week deep conditioner and doing the protein treatment once a month. If you start using henna regularly, you may want to push the protein treatments even further back.

On Wednesdays, you might want to add your leave-in conditioner there too. You don't say what you do to keep your hair moisturized during the week and that's very important to keeping your hair happy!

Wow, I just wrote a novel @_@ Hope it helps!