Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tie that Head Up Gurl!!!

There is NO WAY I can comb through my hair when it's dry at this point, and combing through it wet is definatley a chore!!! Finger combing is the only option at this point, and it works well as long as I take my time. Anyway, so after rocking the braidout today, I realized there is no way I can sleep on my hair now when it's "out." This time instead of braiding it and rolling the ends with perm rods I just braided it and tucked the braids in themselves....basically kinda like Dr. Akbari's "Curly Fro" Lord knows I look like I should be pick'in cotton about I'm also going to spritz a little coconut oil on my hair too for added moisture. I will take pictures of the results and post them tomorrow.

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