Monday, December 13, 2010

Curls Products on Clearance at Target

I was just at Target and found several of the Curls products on clearance. I poked around and didn't see any of the other "Curly Girl" products Target has been carrying recently. Not sure if they are getting rid of the "Curly Girl" products all together or if it was just this location getting rid of the products due to poor performance. Regardless, I snagged the coconut curladda conditioner, the lavish curls moisturizer, and the goddes curls. Interestingly enough these specific products do not appear on the Curls website. What I mean is, the specific names mentioned above do not appear on the Curls site. Products with "similar" names appear but not the products I purchased at Target specifically. Feels a little suspect, but I got all 3 products for around $16 and read the ingredients list before purchasing and they are all free of parabens, mineral oil and petroleum. I'll give a product review once I have used the products which make take awhile since I'm keeping my hair in protective styles during the winter months.

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Product Junkie Diva said...

I was just at target today and I saw these items. I was also pleased to see that the Miss Jessie's section has been restocked and they had Kinky Curly!!!!
I'm loving target for this.
I'm looking forward to your reviews.