Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Has My Natural Offended You?!

I stole this from Tamara over at Natural Hair Rules....it is so ON POINT!!

Excuse Me, Has my natural offended you, has it questioned your authenticity? Has this beautiful crown caused you to bow to its glory?

No?! Then why do you feel the need to explain yourself; make excuse as to why you too are not natural.

This journey is a test of the triune being that brings a higher sense of self; exposing all hidden fears.

So I’ll ask again! Has my natural offended you? What God creates is good and His Righteousness prepares a path of favor and prosperity.

If my natural has offended you; I make no apologizes for I have been delivered from other opinions of me. No longer will I accept the paragon of straight-haired beauty.

My natural transcends all definitions of beauty. It has provide me with the to tool to be me, uniquely.

I will no longer be swayed by the fallacies that natural is ugly and unprofessional. I will learn to be the Queen I was created to be; chemical free. Naked and unchanged.

If my natural offends you; take the time to examine self because I was created in His image


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Lol... You were so serious about "stealing" this piece. Thank for sharing it with your followers.