Friday, October 31, 2008

Bring on the Kinks!

I am so DONE with relaxers...the idea of sitting in Ben's chair again and getting my hair plastered with the creamy crack is unconscionable. It's not that my hair was in bad shape but the winter months are approaching and I just wasn't up for another Minnesota winter with dry brittle just like that I AM DONE!

My last relaxer was on August 13, 2008. It's time to grow this mess out and whatever comes out of my scalp is the hair I will learn to love and take care of. I'm actually looking forward to rocking a twist out or a Afro puff.

The delima now is how long to transition. Right now I have braids in and have had them since September 4, 2008. I'm either thinking of doing the big chop in May of 2009 for my b-day which would give me 9 months of transition time, or to transition for a full year. At this point I am just playing it by ear, but I certainly will not transition for more than a year.

So join me for what will prove to be an interesting ride. I have no idea at what age I started getting a relaxer, but I was rocking the press and curl before that and during the summer months the "Cathy Girls" would braid my hair, so I really don't have any memory of my childhood naps...LOL Guess it's time to rediscover myself...hee hee

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